Thursday, November 18, 2010

Samsung continues to suck!

Yes, we got a Samsung Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile.

And, as usual, with T-Mobile, there was no manual with the thing, just a brief intro-sheet, that does nothing to enlighten us (or others) about the complex Tab.

Yet, again, Samsung screws up. We went to the Samsung web-site to register the Tab, but couldn't.

The registration form required a "sub-category" to be filled out as part of the registration process.

However, the sub-category input wouldn't allow anything to be selected or added and when clicking on the registration-complete button, the site wouldn't allow the process (registration) to go through -- because the sub-category line wasn't filled in.

E-mailing Samsung about the problem, via it's support area on the site, brought no response -- as is always the case with Samsung (see below), and we expect we won't hear from Samsung, even thoiugh we re-iterated our problemn when we filled out a site-survey.

Why do we persist in buying Samsung products? We must be masochistic or just plain stupid.

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