Thursday, November 18, 2010

Samsung continues to suck!

Yes, we got a Samsung Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile.

And, as usual, with T-Mobile, there was no manual with the thing, just a brief intro-sheet, that does nothing to enlighten us (or others) about the complex Tab.

Yet, again, Samsung screws up. We went to the Samsung web-site to register the Tab, but couldn't.

The registration form required a "sub-category" to be filled out as part of the registration process.

However, the sub-category input wouldn't allow anything to be selected or added and when clicking on the registration-complete button, the site wouldn't allow the process (registration) to go through -- because the sub-category line wasn't filled in.

E-mailing Samsung about the problem, via it's support area on the site, brought no response -- as is always the case with Samsung (see below), and we expect we won't hear from Samsung, even thoiugh we re-iterated our problemn when we filled out a site-survey.

Why do we persist in buying Samsung products? We must be masochistic or just plain stupid.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To Hell With Samsung


Yes, we bought an Insignia TV, and eschewed Samsung's similarly priced television, only because Samsung's customer support sucks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Samsung stinks!

Samsung doesn’t respond!

We got a Samsung Gravity T phone from T-Mobile – we already had a Samsung Highlight.


T-Mobile didn’t provide a manual, but does provide a PDF of the manual online, 250+ pages.

When we registered our Gravity T with Samsung (September 2010), we asked for a manual.

No response from Samsung.

In mid-October 2010 our Samsung computer monitor – LCD SyncMaster 2220wm – began smoking from the back vents.


After shutting it down, we contacted Samsung, where we had registered the monitor, about the smoking, asking for advice.

As of November 2010, we have heard nothing.

Preparing to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab, we are thinking perhaps not.

The iPad competitive device is slow to come to our phone services and with the ignored correspondence from Samsung, we think we’ll go with the iPad and maybe some new Windows smart-phones.

And in the market for a new flat-screen TV, we looked at Samsung, but will buy from another company, Insignia.

After all, customer service is one essential ingredient that consumers should expect.

Samsung eschews customer service, and so we’ll eschew Samsung.